My name is Abigail.

I work full-time in “Ye Olde Web Towne” at Harmonix. I do some visual design but I spend most of my days knee-deep in CSS & HTML (and learning JavaScript).

I get to work with some of the most talented and entertaining people Iíve ever come across.

I love my job.

At Harmonix I work on,,, the Webby award winning and of course on any new exciting projects they throw my way.

Other Curious Facts

  • I once made a dress out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.
  • I play the banjo and the baritone ukulele.
  • I don’t like to touch cardboard.
  • I have an aunt Jemima.
  • I didn't go to art school.
  • I have two cats: Lefty and Chewbacca.
  • I did go to seamstress school.
  • I’m a third generation artist (on both sides).
  • I grew up in a film studio.
  • I've had braces four times.
  • Harmonix Website
  • Creators Website
  • Beatles Website
  • Rock Band Website

Morse code, clanging pots, carrier pigeons, 'the force', finger spelling, blowing kisses, semaphore flag signaling, dog whistles, bluegrass serenades, Kit the talking car, large letters in sand, subtle body language, message in a bottle, the bat signal, CB radio, ransom notes, the trumpet intro from Ring of Fire, smoke signals, tin can and wire, french fry odor trail, Viking war horn, adaptive communication board, cereal box decoder ring message, singing telegram, Ouija board, Retro-Gram telegraph, chain letter, flare gun, dinner bell, walkie-talkie, sky writing, through Elvis's ghost, or the Get Smart shoe phone.

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